Drinking from longnecks

For those unaware a longneck is a 750 ml beer bottle.

I have always been able to rely on my theory that if a man drinks directly from a longneck, he is bad news.  By far and away the majority of blokes I know will quite happily request a glass when drinking from longnecks.

One of my earliest gauges of whether this is a truism was when one of my tenants introduced me to his mate who had just blown into town.  I took the word of my tenant that ‘Joe’ was a good bloke and offered him a place to live. Within seconds, like a leprechaun freed, he picked up a longneck from behind a post and proceeded to drink from it.  Well, I had already said he could stay so i could hardly go back on my word.  I heard later that ‘Joe’ had managed to drink every available beer in the place that night, whosever it was and when the nightshift workers came home, the atmosphere became very tense.  6 Oclock in the morning saw ‘Joe’ and his mate, my tenant, decamp with rent owing and anything of value in the share areas in the back of the mates car.

Another example was of a bloke that was living with his ‘nephew’.  The bloke asked for my help in getting work and offered to do some work about the place. Said he was a painter. His work was shoddy, and the car firm I introduced him to rang me three days later to ask for their car back.  In the mean time the bloke, his ‘nephew’, the nephews mothers caravan and the car companies ute had dis-encamped.  He too drank his beer straight from the longneck.


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  1. Is calling every second bloke a “racist” the new lefty catch-cry? What is wrong with “plumbers from the shire”? Funny how the innercity left is really sh*t scared of the working class, keep on wearing your Che Guevara t-shirts and dumping on Australian blokes.

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