He’d paid his rent!

The tenant had a stack of cars, some going, some not. He had a dog no one would go near for fear of attack. It had recently busted loose and attacked a child. He lived large in a share house, making people uncomfortable about using the share facilities and staying in their rooms. He made no secret around town that he thought his landlord was a f*$^knuckle.  He refused to do a thing to keep the place he lived in in good order and was very sour around all the other tenants, especially anybody who might be new or thinking about taking a room at the premises. He cursed the inconvenience of urgent maintenence and the intrusion of tradesmen into his space.

But he’d paid his rent! How could the landlord even think of evicting him?

2 thoughts on “He’d paid his rent!

  1. I don’t understand this post: is this a share house or a lodging house? If it’s really a share house, there is no question of one individual tenant having paid his rent. If it’s a house separately let or licensed, then a whole different set of parameters apply.

    • Hi Marcellous, Thanks for your comment. I guess I used shorthand when I described the property as a share house. It is a boarding house. Each tenant, whether they be a single or a couple has the use of an individually let bedroom which is keyed independently. They also have the use of shared facilities in the rest of the property. Please feel free to comment on the further parameters.

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